Functions of Management and Leadership

Jan 11

The primary textbook in my Leadership course this semester is Leadership, Theory and Practice by Peter G. Northhouse. The book is broad in scope and aims to synthesize the last century of academic effort to define Leadership. Each chapter is packed with references to related and supplementary material.

The introductory chapter included a figure that is packed with insight, at least for me. It speaks to the differences between the role of leader and manager.

managers vs leaders

Functions of Managers and Leaders

The idea that management seeks order and consistency while leadership drives for change and movement sets important expectations. There have been times in the past when I hired someone without a clear expectation of whether I wanted order or change. I may even have expected both at the same time. There are also work situations in which expectations on my performance were not clearly identified.

I lean toward change and movement. I find it difficult to engage it tasks designed primarily to produce order and consistency.

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