Ethnographic Study of Outsourcing through oDesk

Aug 10

This semester in Organizational Dynamics we were required to conduct an ethnographic study. That means a study of the methods and means that drive communication within a group of people. On the largest scale this can include an entire civilization. In our case the focus was to be a company of our choosing.

I chose my own software company, and since I employ primarily outsourced workers through oDesk, I chose to focus on the online communication that drives my business and enables me to compete in an industry where I would otherwise be under-capitalized. I think you’ll find it a worthwhile read.

You can download the study as in PDF format here: Ethnographic study of outsourcing through oDesk.

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  1. I was interested in your approach and the material. A student of mine was looking for a case study on oDesk. I teach a module on global sourcing and have a colleague academic researcher in outsourcing and microsourcing (Erran Carmel).

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